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Charity rakeback

Charity Rakeback is a poker rakeback website. A rakeback website is a kind of bridge in between the poker players and the casino rooms. It means, you are not able to play poker in a rakeback website, but, you are able to read information on casino rooms, compare them and you can find also the links that go to the online casino rooms. It is common that rakeback websites compare the advantages and disadvantages of the poker rooms. It’s usual that they compare the sign-up bonuses and the rakeback deals, as well other relevant information as number of active player, rev-share, etc.

If you are looking to start to play poker online, it may be a good idea to have a look to one rakeback website, so that get all the information you may need before registering in a poker room.

What does Charity Rakeback?

Charity Rakeback works like an above described website: you can compare the sign-up bonuses, the rakeback deals, the rev-share an another important information about online poker rooms. In Charity Rakeback, so far, you are able to read information on the casinos PokerStars, Party Poker, 888 Poker and Betsafe.

Besides this “normal work” as a rakeback website, Charity Rakeback makes something really great: the incomes they make, go to Charity. Rakeback websites make their incomes every time a new poker player decides to join a casino room through them: it means, every poker player clicks on the link that goes to the casino room. This is the way they make their incomes.

Charity Projects

At this moment, Charity Rakeback is working with 5 different projects:

  • Support WaterAid in Zambia
  • Support Cancer Research in UK
  • Help to preserve the Amazon
  • Help to build a new school in Colombia
  • Help tigers in Borneo and Sumatra

These Charity Projects are runned by internacional well-known NGO’s: WaterAid, Cancer Research UK, Greenpeace, Fundación Pies Descalzos and WWF.

Charity Rakeback is willing to add more Charity Projects in the future. For this, the project has to acquire more poker players that join a casino room through them.

Charity Rakeback is open to hear about any Charity Project that would like to be added. If you are running a Charity Project and you would like to get donations through Charity Rakeback, please feel free to contact them at any time. Just visit their site Charity Rakeback, get in contact with them and let them know about your Charity Project.

Behind Charity Rakeback

Holger Henle (25, Gibraltar) came to the idea of Charity Rakeback at the end of 2012. Holger is an amateur online poker player who realized how much money these rakeback websites were doing and that none of them were cooperating with any NGO’s.

The Circle of Rakeback Websites

Holger thought that rakeback websites work like a circle: their incomes are mostly spent in marketing campaigns so that they can get more audience and with it more incomes. These incomes are again spent in marketing campaigns to get more audience and more incomes. It has no stop. Actually, it is the normal way companies work. But, in the case of rakeback websites, the proportion of money invested in marketing is just too much.

Charity Rakeback broke this circle, actually, it’s way of working is like a line and at the end, the goal of everything are the Charity Projects. How to achieve this? It is only possible thanks to Internet and people that freely want to help by spreading the word. Internet is a great way to let people know about anything, and, if the goal is to help people through donations to Charity, who would not help by letting publishing an article or a link in its website / blog or social site?

With the help of people, Charity Rakeback is able to continue developing and do not need to spend any money in marketing. This money in fact, goes to Charity!

Charity Rakeback Donations

Charity Rakeback has made a very transparent way of making the donations. The player is the one who decides where the donations go: is able to choose the Charity Project and the percentage of the donation (up to 100%). This means: when you decide to start to play online poker and you join a casino room (PokerStars Rakeback, Party Poker, 888 Poker and Betsafe) through Charity Rakeback, you are able to select one the 5 Charity Projects and donate the percentage you want (up to 100%) of the money Charity Rakeback theoretically makes thanks to you. Of course, you are able to see the proofs of the donations made. Charity Rakeback recommends you to donate 70% and leave them 30% so that they can continue developing the project. But, if you wish to donate 100%, you are able to do.