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The poker odds ?

Calculating Poker Odds

The concept of rating the game is simple to learn and I think is one of the safest ways to win.
It's very simple: the relationship is expressed by a rate between the size of the bet you make, and the number of Paris included in the pot. For example, if $ 12 in the pot and you want to make a $ 3 bet, you rate the game, which is expressed this way: 4:1.

To have good removed, you must have an overall rating higher than your chances of winning the poker game, so if you think you have 20 / chance to win the game, you should only play if your bet is present 5 times or more in the pot. There is an inverse rate / risk - if you risk losing the bet, you must have enough money in reserve to take the loss.

The gambling odds are used in various situations, including calls for the development or in the flush. For example, if you make a call to put $ 5 and you have 25% chance of winning the game, the pot should be 4 times your bet, is equivalent to 20 dollars.

BEFORE FAILURE: especially when you're bluffing, you only have small pairs, pay attention to risk and ensures that you can offset the losses. To get a good score, you typically have a bet equal to or above the pot. So if you think you have a 20% chance of winning the game, you should only play if the bet is 5 times higher than the pot bet. There is an inverse rate / risk - if you risk losing the bet, you must have enough money in reserve to take the loss.

AFTER FAILURE: this applies mainly when you bet but certain rules apply, you must have a rating in the game than putting the pot in order to continue the game even if you lose. For this you need to know how much you have, and what percentage you assign to your success. You will find below a rule for the ratings game based on a set of 47 cards unseen.

Good players also use this rule when their game is good. When you play a good game against players who have a bad game you can increase the odds of winning, if you think it will continue to play anyway. IF you want to win the game in a row, bet a huge sum, that player may not follow. This way, you ensure victory.

Scores the game for 47 invisible cards
Eliminated      2 cards to play   1 card to play
20                     67.5%                 43.5%
19                     65.0%                 41.3%
18                     62.4%                 39.1%
17                     59.8%                 37.0%
16                     57.0%                 34.8%
15                     54.1%                 32.6%
14                     51.2%                 30.4%
13                     48.1%                 28.3%
12                     45.0%                 26.1%
11                     41.7%                 23.9%
10                     38.4%                 21.7%
9                       35.0%                 19.6%
8                        31.5%                17.4%
7                        27.8%                15.2%
6                        24.1%                13.0%
5                        20.4%                10.9%
4                        16.5%                  8.7%
3                        12.5%                  6.5%
2                          8.4%                  4.3%
1                          4.3%                  2.2%
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