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Poker strategies

In this section we will present different strategies for playing and winning at poker. Poker is a game with many strategies....

Freerolls Strategy
You will begin most of your freerolls with 1500 chips. The first blind level often starts in 10/20. Do not hurry, you have time! In general, each level lasts about 10 minutes.

Strategy Sit and Go Full Ring
Enjoy the first few minutes of play to observe your opponents. Try to analyze the behavior and style of each.

Strategy sit and go heads-up
The Heads-Up is probably the most complicated variant of poker. Here, it is essential to play! A normal SNGs you will face difficult situations but never more so than Heads-Up.

Mastering the pot
We have to make decisions at poker. Some decisions are easy, others are much less. Depending on the size of the pot, the decisions are difficult.

The SNGs on Full Tilt Poker
Full Tilt Poker is one of the rooms that offer the greatest variety of Sit and Go Bankroll and for all. The buy-ins range from $ 1 to $ 5,500. There is therefore for everyone. One can also find Sit and Go satellites for only $ 0.30.

The SNGs on Pokerstars
Pokerstars is the room that offers the largest number of variants that can be play in Sit and Go You can play from only $ 0.02, up $ 5,000. If you have a micro bankroll, Pokerstars is the ideal room.

DON basic strategy
You start each DON (Double Or Nothing) 10 players. The principle is simple: to finish in the top 5 to win double your investment.

The jackpot sit and go
You can find this kind of sit and go on rooms forming part of the iPoker network such Titan Poker Bet365 Poker or Poker 770.

Bankroll management in sit and go
A good bankroll management is the key to success in poker. Without good management any good player could be broke again and again, that is to say simply fall to $ 0 every time!

To make the right decisions being short
Sometimes you end up with a rug under a multi-table poker tournament. In these situations, one has many choices to make, especially when making carpets and when to fold.

Always think long term
Think of poker as a game continual, long life. Your goal in this game is to earn money in the long term. You can lose days, weeks, even months, but until you win in the long run, everything is perfect.

Strategy for playing multi-tables
In the multi-game tables, you will experience greater fluctuations in your bankroll at a table game. There are many more hands played per hour and ...

Pitfalls for beginners
Learn to play poker can be a traumatic experience. Once you know the basics of poker, you can at least work, but you'll always have a complete greenhorn when it comes to play well.

Luck or skill in poker
We've all seen players who go through a series of bad beats at one time or another. It can lead people to think that winning at poker is impossible.

Holdem - Playing before the flop
Hold'em No Limit full-ring, decide which are the hands to play is the most important factor when you learn how to play winning poker.

Texas Hold'em Poker Strategy
The poker games are intense, raging and frantic. The first time you log in and join a table of players, stay calm and TAKE THINGS AS THEY COME

The first time poker: Before sitting down
You are for the first time in a poker room? Here are some signs to remind the table. Your first trip to the casino is usually overwhelming. There are tight players at the tables ...

The first time poker - at the table
This is your first trip to a poker room. Here are some basic tips when you sit at the table. Your first trip to a poker room is for everyone ...

Blinds and betting for beginners
Before playing the game, you must learn what options have you used when you do and how.

On call and raise
In limit games (and sometimes even "no limit") you will see lots of "recovery, follow, follow, follow" in progress. Occasionally, you'll want to under-bet, but do not make a habit of it.

Specific terms (Positions and bets)
Poker players have a language all their own, whether oral or written. Many words come from English and can not be translated.

Specific terms (types of hands, table, players and game)
Dry Flop: Flop dry: very few prints
Pre Flop: Before the flop
Post Flop After the flop

About playing tight
Hold'em is a very difficult game. Just a minute to learn and a lifetime to master. The true words were never spoken.