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Free poker

Free poker is to play without betting money is no risk of losing a penny. Each game is played with virtual chips or play money. You will be able to compete with other players, but without real issue.

There are various ways to play poker for free, without spending a penny. The first way is to register free play (or play money) in a poker room and online access many tournaments in play money. Great way to get your feet wet and fully control the platform and the specifics of online poker room. In addition, beginner poker players are required to go through this step before venturing into real money tournaments even though the stakes are low. All poker rooms online offer this free version to give players the means to play and have fun (find the best poker room).
The other idea is to free poker play free tournaments called freerolls. This type of free tournaments are in high demand by players of poker beginners and advanced because of his mercy.

In effect, no entry fee is required on the part of the online poker room and allocations are proposed to the players. Typically, a few minutes to the tournament is sold out especially when the prize pool is high. Play free poker allows players to only be able to win without spending money. Unlike buy-in tournaments that require an entrance fee, tournaments freerolls are free of charge and advanced players can sit at the table with poker players beginner.

Some poker rooms offer new players free bonuses no deposit.

These no deposit bonus or free poker bankrolls, as its name suggests, does not require the contribution of any amount from the player to receive money from the said bonus. You get it free.
The money obtained through the no deposit bonus is called "bankroll" or "instant money". Some poker sites give money for tournaments. Only you must be a member for a while or have played a significant number of games before.

There is another option, what are the bonuses offered by the rooms. They are designed as an incentive to play free poker and without taking any risk. You try free of charge, and if you like you can repeat the experiment but this time as an investment. It must be one day really test your skill! The rooms have an interest in online to bring you free, then you return to making a real deposit. But it is your interest you to play so free.
Know that when the rooms offer free bonus on poker games, they are accompanied by a series of restrictions on the same principle as that found in other casino games. Okay you can play poker without money, but if you win real money you can not remove it immediately: it must first participate in a number of pots and play a lot of hands.

To take advantage of these no deposit bonus, users must register on the site for the first time. If you are already registered, even if only to play the games in free mode, you can not enjoy the free bonus. Moreover, it is useless to try to create a second account in her name at the risk of being excluded from the site.

The benefits of these no deposit bonuses can increase its capital base and test games without having to bet his own money. Players are thus able to adjust to the organization's website, the rules of the game, win some experience ... for free!