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Basics rules of texas hold'em

How to play Texas Hold'em

This is the variant of poker's most famous, is it that you find in every casino and all the poker rooms online. It can be played Limit, No Limit and Pot Limit rarely. Sometimes you can find Mixed Hold'em (Limit one turn and then a round of No Limit), in which case the blinds are divided by two in the round of No Limit.

In Hold'em, each player receives two hole cards and the dealer reveals five community cards after several rounds of betting. The goal is to provide the best possible combination of five cards.

Here is the flow of a round in Texas Hold'em.

Operation updates

In No Limit, you can choose the amount of bets and raises. The minimum bet is a blind and a maximum height of the carpet. The raise must at least double the previous bet.
In Limit, the player has the right to build four bets maximum during the same round.
In Pot Limit, the raise must be at least as No Limit, double the previous bet. As for the maximum raise is the size of what is in the pot more than three times the previous bet.

Prior to the distribution maps

The button (dealer in English) rotates in a clockwise every hand. It identifies the donor. The person left of the dealer pays the small blind (small blind). The player left of the small blind pays the big blind (big blind). Once the blinds raised, the dealer deals two cards to each player, one by one.


The first player to speak is at the left of the big blind. After watching the cards dealt by the dealer, he can either throw his cards or keep paying the big blind or the amount of the first raise, or raise. At this turn of speech, the last player to speak is the big blind. Once the tour finished, the dealer reveals three community cards, the flop.


The dealer "burns" the first card of the deck and reveals three cards face up on the table so that all players can see them properly. Burning means laying face down on the table, this normally avoids cheating.
The tour begins with players who still have their cards. The first to speak the small blind is then rotated in the usual sense. The player may either check or bet. After an initial set, players can either throw their cards, or call the raise or raise or turn. Once this round is complete, the dealer reveals the turn.

Turn (the turn)

Most terms used in poker are the English so that fourth card dealt by the donor is usually called the turn instead of turning the term used in some French casinos. This round of betting proceeds exactly like the flop.

River (the river)

Once the betting on the turn over, the dealer reveals the last of five cards that constitute the array. This tour also takes place in the same way as that on the flop and turn.


If several players are still in the shot at the end of all betting rounds, the cards are revealed. The player with the highest hand wins the pot.
If there was no bet on the last lap, the first player at the turn of speech that shows the cards. The following players may decide to show their cards or not they have a weaker hand. In case of a tie between multiple players, the pot is split.

Once the hand over, turn the knob, new blinds are raised and the new dealer deals the cards. Click to play everest poker online and also providing the top casino games which is best way to practice your game. An easy way to make money through a special experience with SBOBET that gives you the ultimate entertainment to neck.