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Rules of Razz

Razz is sort of Seven Card Stud Low just practiced. This variant very hard to control. The coup is taking place as the stud. There are many betting rounds during which the player receives seven cards, three cards face down and four cards face up. The goal is to get the best possible low hand so if you are a beginner in this variant, plus the hand will seem bad, it will be better.

Hand Rankings

Before seeing what happens during a blow to the razz, it is better to know the hand rankings. The Straights and flushes are ignored, and aces are considered low cards. The best possible hand is A 2 3 4 5, we call that hand a "Wheel", translated into French by the wheel. To give you an idea, here are five hands ranked from lowest to highest:
- 44422
- 9765A
- 65432
- 5432A
At first, it is quite difficult to correctly tie the hands but with a little practice, you learn quickly.

Operation updates

Razz is always played in limit, that is to say, with auction fixed. Bids rise in the third round. For example, if you are on a table Razz $ 2 / $ 4: during the first two rounds, bets and raises are $ 2 while for the last three rounds, the auction will be $ 4.

First round of bids:


There are no blinds at stud but each player must pay an ante, the amount of the ante depends on the tables that you play. Once the antes raised, the dealer deals three cards to each player two hole cards and one upcard. The player with the highest up card is the "bring in". If multiple players have the same card, tie it with the color.

Bring in:

The player is to bring in may choose to raise the amount of the bring-in or a full bet. The amount of the bring in the tables varies but generally represents one fifth of the bet. Once paid, the turn of speech takes place normally, in the direction of clockwise. The next player may pay the bring in (if player has not made a full bet) or make a full bet. After a first, players who follow, may pay the bet or raise.

The remaining rounds of betting:

These towers are called other streets: Fourth Street, Fifth Street, Sixth Street and Seventh Street. In the 4th, 5th and 6th streets, each player still in the game receives a card face up while in the 7th street, players receive one card face down. In each round, the first player to speak is one whose cards are the highest so razz is the lowest cards. Then the tour continues to speak in the usual sense. This player can not bet checker then either place a bet.


If after the betting round of 7th Street, there are still several players in the game, we proceed to the Showdown. It's the last bettor or raiser who must show his cards first. But if there were no bets in the round, the player closest to the button that should show his cards. The player with the best five-card hand wins the pot. Note that unlike the variations in Hi / Lo, there is always a low hand even if both players have a full house, if possible if the players have an IQ above 50, who will have the lowest hand wins.

After the pot is given a new hand can begin.