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Poker terms

If you are a great frequenter of poker rooms, you've probably heard the name. It can be confusing, and it's just to say, to hear a bunch of words that you do not understand when you try to concentrate on your poker game Here is a list of words you probably hear when you play poker:

High card Ace / Aces High: a hand where the Ace is the highest card.

Aces Full: A hand containing three aces and two cards of equal value.

Aces Up: A poker hand containing two pairs, one of which is necessarily a pair of Aces

Action: A check, bet, call, fold or raise.

Active player: A player who has bet the pot.

All-in: When a player bets all his chips on one hand.

All-in Over the Top: Bidding playing all his chips following the implementation of the previous player.

First up: Small amount of chips placed into the pot before each game round, usually in the Stud.

Back Into a Hand (back): Make a hand that is different from the one you want to do at first.

Backdoor (from behind): - An unfinished hand requesting the assistance of the Turn and River to win. Also called "runner-runner hand."

Backdoor Flushes: Even worse than the gutshot. The backdoor flush happens when you need two perfect cards of the same suit to complete your hand.

Backdoor Straight: A hand of cards that trio can form a straight, but first turn the River should complement the fifth.

Back to back: Two of the same cards in a game (eg 2.2)

Bad Beat (Bad Password): Having a hand that is mathematically predisposed to be lost (especially if that hand should not have played in the pot)

Bankroll (balance, funds): The amount of money you have.

Battle for the blinds: when all the players lying face the players in the game the stronger (ie blind).

Behind: When you think you have a bad game until all cards are returned.

Value Bet: A bet to increase the pot, which is not to stop play

Bet the Pot: A bet equal to the pot.

Big Dog: a person with little chance of winning.

Big Blind: The second position to the left of the dealer, who is forced to wager a small bet before the pocket cards are dealt in Hold'em.

Big Chick: In Texas Hold'em, an Ace and a Queen (of any color) as hole cards.

Blank: A card that provide no value to the player's hand.

Blind Bet: A bet that some players are forced to focus because of their position.

Bluff: In poker, a player is bluffing when he followed with a weak hand hoping to lie down players with big hands.

Boat (boat): Another name for the full house.

Bust a Player: remove a player from the game he retained all his chips.

Bust Out: Losing minimum bet to be eliminated from the tournament.

Button: The disk that represents the principal of one hand.

Buy In: The minimum amount that must be paid for playing a particular game.

Call: When a player evens (rather than exceed) the previous bet.

Cape: Number of bidding allowed per game

Change Gears: When a player changes his mood during the game (sometimes aggressive, sometimes discrete)

Check: When a player does not bet, but not lie down or outbid the next round.

Come Over the Top: When a player adds a bet.

Community cards: Cards returned to the center of the table, usable by all players.

Connectors: consecutive cards of the same color or not that can make a straight. (9-10 or 5-6).

Dead Man's Hand: a pair of aces and eights, so named because Wild Bill Hickock was killed, raising his hand.

Dead Money (Black Death): The money put into the pot by people who are no longer in the possibility of winning.

Deuce (tie): All 2.

Donkey: a bad player.

Double Up: In no-limit, pot win hands down when you're betting. (So you've doubled your money chips).

Hole cards: all cards not visible to the players.

Draw Out: A card that turns into a loser winner

Drawing Dead: A situation in which you can only lose, whatever the cards to come.

Early Position: An investment around the table that requires a player to bet first. A dangerous position.

Fifth Street: The fifth round or final round, also called River.

Fish: A poor poker player against opponents.

Flat Limit: A limit that sets paris all the same.

Flop: Three cards placed in the center of the table that all players can use for their game

Flush: Five cards in sequence.

Flush Draw Four cards in sequence, he missed not only to form a flush.

Fold (fold): When a player refuses to build and based his cards ..

Forced bets: Paris mandatory In hold 'em, the blinds. In Stud, a player who started an action with its first card.

Four of a Kind (square): Four cards of the same value. (Eg 9-9-9-9)

Fourth Street: The fourth card on the table and third round of betting. Also called Turn.

Free Roll: Do not have more than half of the pot but still have a chance to win the whole pot. Example: Player X has a King of Clubs and Hearts, the player Y has a King and a Queen of Diamonds and the flop comes a King of Spades on July 1 and then 4 of Diamonds. The players are tied for the player but there is "Free-Roll" because he can win the pot if the next card is a tile.

Freeze Out: Tournament, which ends only when a person has won all the chips in the tournament.

Full House: a hand containing three of a kind and a pair. (Eg 2,2,2, J, J)

Get Full Value: overbid, bet or re-build with the intention of winning the pot up with his game

Grifter: cheater.

Gutshot Straight: A straight that requires an additional card to complete. Also called Belly Buster.missing (Ex 9-10-DR should be a servant to complete the game).

Hand: the best combination of a player, achieved by adding the fifth card face up.

Heads-up: A situation where there are only two players and where paris is limited.

Hole cards (Hole Cards): Your cards hidden from all. Also called Pocket (Paperback)

Jammed Pot: A pot that was supplied the maximum number of times.

Key Hand: a hand-decisive for winning or losing.

Kicker: The highest card in the hand of a player who is not used (for example, create a pair or trips).

Kojack: RA at first hand during a Hold 'em.

Lay Down: to show his hand, the player is in critical position.

Leak: show your hole cards.

Lid cards located above the game

Legitimate hand: a strong hand or a bluff.

Limp In: To enter a race by building, rather than raising.

Liner: an open map, so called because you can see the lines when it is returned, and just one corner when opened.

Live Hand: A hand that can win the pot.

Long Odds: A low probability of a certain card arrives.

Loose play: when a player continues to bet despite a bad game

Lowball: A variant of the game, where the weaker hand wins the game

Main pot: When a player is likely to win the game. All are in Paris following a pot to share.

Misdeal: a hand badly distributed and which should be redistributed.

Monster: A hand that should not cause you to lose.

Muck: remove a game, or a stack of cards.

Table Stakes No Limit Hold'em, a game in which a player can bet all his chips.

Nut Flush: The best possible hand.

Nut Flush Draw: When a card offer you the best possible flush.

Nuts: An unbeatable hand whatever the following cards.

Odds: the possibility of obtaining / not obtaining the desired hand.

It was Short Stack: When a player does bet some chips.

On the Button: The player who acts last in the fifth round, usually the best position aun Hold 'em.

Tilt it one day who, because of frustration, playing dangerously.

Open maps: a map whose face is visible.

Open End Straight Draw Four consecutive cards, such as 3-4-5-6. They say that hand open for a 2 or 7 complete the game

Open pair: Two cards of the same value returned.

Outs: The number of cards remaining in the game and can improve your hand and win the pot.

Out of Position: When a player has the disadvantage of having to play before his opponent.

Outdraw: When a player beats his opponent with a better game than him.

Over the Top: outbid by much.

Paint (painted): Another term for a head.

Pair: two identical cards (eg R, R or A, or any other continued)

Password: When a player goes down.

Pat hand: a complete hand, distributed or not.

Fast play: to bet heavily on one hand.

Play Money: the chips are not real money, it's a game for fun.

Playing the Board: When your best five cards on the table.

Pocket Cards: hole cards in play hold 'em

Pocket Pair: In hold 'em, two hole cards of the same value (eg 7.7)

Position: when a player is placed after the distributor; places determine the direction of Paris.

Pot: The chips wagered.

Pot Odds: the bet is worth may not be the final bet

Preflop: In hold 'em, step om the hole cards have been distributed, but it remains more common cards on the table.

Propositional Player: in a dirty poker, a player in the role is to keep the players at the table.

Protect a hand: the player bets in order to convince other players to fold, to reduce the risk of getting himself eliminated.

Push (Push hand): Play a hand aggressively

Putting On The Heat: put pressure on other players by playing aggressively.

Quads (Square): Four cards of the same kind.

Ragged: A table that contains up cards that are useless to you.

Rainbow: A table that contains all the different (for 4 cards or less) colors, making possible a fit to the next card.

Rake: The money the casino takes on each hand. It is mainly a percentage (5-10%) or a fixed charge taken in the pot after each round.

Rank: The value of a certain range of cards.

Ratholing: quit a game and come back with a lower setting than what you have done recently. Quite unpopular in the world of poker.

Re-raise: bet again on the same hand.

River: The final distribution of cards, all players must form the best game, also called fifth street.

Rock: A gifted player who usually plays the hand he / she is almost certain (e) to win. A rock will build or whether to boost surely a very good hand.

Round of betting: the period in which each player can fold, bet or ask to see the play of his opponent.

Rounder: A professional player who is playing many tournaments.

Royal Flush: a hand containing: A, R, D, V, and 10 in the same hand, the best game possible.

Running Bad: losing a number of times possible.

Running Good: a term defining a player who won several times.

See: ask a bet.

Shark: a good player; term dervish of "fish" (see above). Many fish like sharks start.

Short odds: a strong probability that the game held by the player to do to win.

Short Stack: the smallest on the table.

Showdown: When all cards are returned after the last part, check who is the winner.

Side Pot: The pot is also created when someone joins the party. These people can not hope to pocket the first round.

Slow Down: Stop player as aggressively as before.

Small Blind: Position for the dealer's right, a player is obliged to pay a fraction of the small bet (half or one third) before any cards are dealt in hold'em.

Steaming: Play randomly, often when there was poor yields (recognized or not). It is also said tilter.

Straight (straight or later): In poker, a hand of cards in a row.

Straight Flush (Flush): A sequence of consecutive cards of the same color.

Structure: The blinds and antes increase first.

Suicide King: King of hearts, it seems to stab himself.

Suited Connectors: Two cards of the same suite.

Tell: a gesture, whether voluntary or not, that indicates whether your game is strong or not.

Tied it: a hand good enough to keep it until the end of the game.

Top Pair: A hole card that matches the best card on the flop.

Tight Player: a very good player, he only has good games ..

Trips: a set.

Turn: also known as fourth street, it is the fifth community card played.

Wheel: A straight ending in 5, also known as: bike (A-2-3-4-5)

Wired Pair: Having a pair in his hole cards.
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