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The poker ranking

The ace card is usually the strongest, but it can sometimes be small, as you explained below. At the end of the game, players compare their hands and refer to the following classification:

Royal Flush, the game the stronger. This means ARDVD in the same sequence of cards. All suites are equal, all are equal Royal Flush.
Quinte Flush Five cards of the same suit in the same sequence as 76543 of hearts. Ace can be low, as in a series 5432A, the lowest quinte flush.
Square, four identical cards and a "kicker", like 44442. Values follow the normal order of numbers, for example, a 44442 beats a 3333R.
Full House Three cards of the same plus two identical cards, such as 777VV. The ranking is based on the figures, too, a 44422 beats 333AA one.
Flush, five cards are identical, such as heart AV942. Ranked the highest to the lowest card. Thus, an AV942 beats a AJ876.
quinte Five cards in sequence, such as 76543. Ace can be high or low, in cases like ARDVD and 5432A. Straights "Around the corner" as 32ARD are not allowed.
3 of kind, three identical cards and two kickers of different colors, like KKK84. Ranking by value, also KKK84 DDDAR beats, but beats DDDAR DDDA7.
Dual pairs, two identical cards and two identical cards, plus a kicjker another color, like a KK449. Classified according to the first pair, second pair and then the kicker. Thus, a KK449 beats DDVVA, RR22D, and KK445.
One pair, two identical cards and trios kickers of different colors, like AAR53. Classification according to the first pair, second pair and the kickers in a row. Thus, a AAR53 beats a AAR52.
High Card, all kinds of sequences not listed above, such as RV542 different suites. 
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