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Omaha poker rules

How to play Omaha

Omaha has many similarities to Texas Hold'em. There are many different variations of Omaha, however, only two variants are available in the online poker rooms: Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi / Lo. There is very little difference between its two variants, they are written briefly further down the page.

Constitute his hand

Here are the most important play in Omaha. Instead of receiving two hole cards in Hold'em as, you get four. There is also an array of five community cards (flop, turn and river). To make out a five-card combination, you must take two cards on your four hole cards and three community cards.

Operation updates

You can find some time in parts of Omaha No Limit but it is very rare, it is sometimes the case for parties to auction very low or cheap tournaments. Most of the time, Omaha is played in Limit or Pot Limit for Omaha Hi / Lo. For details on the operation of housing Limit and Pot Limit, refer to page on Texas Hold'em

Prior to the distribution maps

The button (dealer in English) rotates in a clockwise every hand. It identifies the donor. The person left of the dealer pays the small blind (small blind). The player left of the small blind pays the big blind (big blind). Once the blinds raised, the dealer deals four cards face down to each player, one by one.

The betting rounds

Pre-flop, the first person to speak is that which lies to the left of the small blind. For other rounds (flop, turn and river), the first person to speak is the small blind. Pre-flop, each player has the option of throwing his cards, bet or raise, while for the other rounds, players can throw, check, bet or raise.


If several players are still in the shot at the end of all betting rounds, the cards are revealed. The player with the highest hand wins the pot. If there was no bet on the last lap, the first player at the turn of speech that shows the cards. The following players may decide to show their cards or not they have a weaker hand. If several players have identical hands, the pot is shared equally.

Omaha Hi / Lo

A hand of Omaha Hi / Lo 8 or Better or proceeds in the same way that a hand of Omaha Hi, except that there are low hands. For a low hand, you need a combination of five cards lower than 8. For example: A 2 3 4 5 is the best low as possible. At the end of the stroke, the player holding the best high hand five cards wins half the pot while the player holding the best five-card low hand wins half the pot. If two players have the same low and high hand, the pot is divided by three. These players will share half the pot just for the low hand. Note that it is common that no hand to qualify for low, for example on a flop KKA 2 J. You only have two low cards, so there will be no bottom. In this case, the entire pot is won by the best high hand.

Once the pot is awarded, a new hand can be given.