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Poker games history

Since these origins to today

Poker comes from an older game whose origins date back to Persia, a game which spread to Russia, France and other countries thereafter. The game played today as poker is not purely American, and its name derives from the French "era" which means "tired."

Here is the history of poker:


 The poker experts agree that poker as played today originated in the Mississippi river boats which started from New Orléans.early versions gave 5 cards to players who were betting each turn next. There was no additional cards are kept the same hand to the end of the shot.
Now the players around the world (and even online players) practice variations that evoke geographical locations: Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Cincinnati, Chicago, they play in Paris, Berlin and Las Vegas.


There are hundreds of variants that conform to basic rules of poker, most of the numerical variations for interest benefits players of different styles. During the last thirty years, Texas Hold'em has progressively gained in popularity, especially because the game is selected for the World Championship WSOP (WSOP Main Event), the cult of competition of poker players in the world.

Poker continues to expand with versions played differently at home, in casinos, clubs, online and elsewhere. United States, the casinos practice different variants depending on the location for historical reasons. In France the only permissible form of poker is Texas Hold'em casino but as is the case since 2006, only some of the proposed facility. As for video poker, this particular slot machine widely used in casinos, but let there be no mistake: this game has nothing to do with the poker community that brings together several players around a table.

A note on two variants used in France:

_The "Stud Poker" appears under this name in many casinos and French circles, it is between a dealer and six or seven players and has nothing to do with poker history as we stand here, his original name is "carribbean Stud "in the United States, Stud Poker is a real poker especially prevalent on the East Coast. 
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