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The Career of a Poker Superstar

Professional poker player, Joseph Hachem, was born in Lebanon on March 11, 1966. Hachem moved with his family to Melbourne, Australia at the age of 6. He married his high school sweetheart in 1989 and had 4 children. He worked as a chiropractor for 13 years but developed a rare blood disorder in his hands causing him to give up his career. He then started a small brokerage firm and casually started playing poker in casinos as well as online betting poker games. By his own admission, Hachem felt he was too temperamental to play the game of poker successfully but learned to control his emotions to become a successful player. After years of casual poker playing, he started playing in tournaments at the Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex in Melbourne where he frequently won tournaments. Discovering that he was developing a talent for the game, Hachem spent the next 5 years as a regular player on the Melbourne tournament circuit and then decided to transition to the professional circuit of the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Nicknamed “Diamond Joe” his favorite game is No Limit Texas Hold’em. As a relative unknown, Hachem found much success in the 2005 World Series of Poker placing in 1st place. He outlasted 5,618 other players and earned the highest winnings of that year in the amount of $7.5 million. The entrance fee for that tournament was $10,000 which was paid in cash. Attempting to defend his 2005 World Series championship win, he placed a disappointing 238th place which earned him only $42,822. Later that year at the World Series Main Event with a starting field of 562 players, he finished 4th earning him $90,482. Many lessons are learned through the ups and downs of each tournament that fueled Hachem to change, modify and improve his game to in order to come out on top. This defeat fueled him to win $2,207,575 that same year at the World Poker Tour at the Bellagio Casino’s Five Diamonds Poker Classic.

In October 2009, Hachem’s tournament winnings exceeded an astounding $10,850,000 in career earnings. This placed him 5th in the world of the highest ranked players in a live tournament.

Poker Technique

According to Hachem, his success is attributed to his discipline and control when playing the game and his ability to make good decisions at the right time. Confidence and a good poker face are important for each and every hand that is played. At intense moments, Hachem focuses on a certain point on the table which keeps his breathing constant and under control so that he does not give away any hints of his hand.

Hachem has been credited with starting a poker popularity boom in Australia. Many fellow countrymen support him and have started quite a following in the world of poker. He is regarded as one of the best high stakes players in Australian history.

In his free time, Hachem he runs a mortgage company and plays the game of poker with his 4 children. He believes the game teaches the important skill of discipline.