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Phil Hellmuth: Loved and Lothed

Phil Hellmuth, winner of more World Series of Poker bracelets then any other player in history is quite the personality. He has an unbelievable 13 WSOP bracelets at just 48 years old playing against the best poker players in the world. He made his most historic win by taking the 1989 World Series of Poker main event bracelet.

Hellmuth has released a number of books about the game of poker and particularly his strategies. Players both amateur and pro alike have read these books. Many would think that his impressive feats in the poker world along with the fact that he has released this knowledge to the poker playing community at large would make him well loved and received. For the most part that is the case, but there is also a large faction of people who do not like Hellmuth.

He has been given the nickname the "Poker Brat" because of his temperamental moods at the table. Sometimes these moods lead to public outbursts and name calling of the other players. Many take it in good humor with their "let Phil be Phil" face on, but some are more personally offended. Those who are not fans of the Poker Brat often cite these outbursts as the reason for their dislike of him.

Regardless, Hellmuth continues on playing both live games and in tournaments. He makes himself known at the World Series of Poker events, playing in a great number of them. He always plays in the Main Event but has yet to win it again since 1989. This can largely be attributed to the fact that the field of players has grown in huge ways since that time.

As of 2012, the Poker Brat could happily say that his lifetime live tournament winnings were more then $17 million. That is just live tournaments alone!

Hellmuth has his own website and offers some instructional courses and tips on that website. Naturally, his books are also some of the best selling poker books to have ever been written. When you have a record of 13 WSOP bracelet wins, this is to be expected.

If you like him or you don't, Hellmuth is still going to be one of the biggest names in poker for quite some time to come. He still has a lot of fanfare, and his brand is ever on the rise. He is a fun character to watch no matter what your personal feelings are about the man.

This has been a guest post from E Free Bets, an Aussie website that helps punters locate the sweetest free bets the net has to offer.