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How much a professional blackjack player can earn?

Gamblers play casino games to quench their gaming thirst. Additionally, they have the burning fire that ignites their inner will to make big money by laying their hands at huge wins. Professional blackjack players are there who get vast opportunities of earning good amount of money and simultaneously get delighted with the unique gambling experience. Many of the seasoned blackjack fans make their whole livelihood through this world class famous game that feeds their families in terms of bread & butter and other amenities of life.

how much a professional blackjack player can earn ? Experienced professional blackjack players enter the field of card counters and use their wits cleverly to have an edge of approx 1.5% or more than that, if the game is exposed and is in their own favour. Candidly, they can make approx $1.50 against each 100 dollars that they invest for the game. The entire process depends upon the number of hands that can be played and also upon the amount of money put against them. The blackjack aspirants can hope to earn 20$/hr against their bets of one hundred dollars or even $40/hr while playing 200/hnd. This is not the limit, they can expect more than this by playing 2+ hands at the same time. Though, the earnings of the blackjack players are not fixed, but they can make huge sums by putting in their best efforts. There are different aspects that determine the earnings of the professional blackjack players.
The number of players enjoying blackjack at the table is the deciding factor for the hands that are processed @ 60-300 hnd in an hour.
Bets will be placed at approx 15-25% of the entire hands that are observed and processed at the card counter.

The usual limit of table is 500, 1000 or 2000 and it depends upon the type of casino and no gambler can exceed this table limit as regards the number of bets.
Any gambler who bets more than the other players at the table is subject to back off from the table. Any gambler going over 150-250/hnd in a consistent manner will become the focus of others and the casino has a big role to play here.  
No gambler can play the one and same casino in the presence of the same workers of the casino for 8 hrs / 5 days a week. Moreover, he or she will not be considered as a card counter in the short span of time.

It may be concluded that any genuine and competent blackjack gambler can make enormous money provided he or she plays the game in a regular manner. Playing for fifteen hours in a week can yield $4,750, i.e. (5 hours X $275) + (5 hours X $285) + (5 hours X $390) while the monthly income could be $19,000 with this calculation of remuneration which comes to $228,000 per year if the gambler plays throughout the year. These figures can vary as per the playing capacities of the gamblers and the prevailing conditions of the casinos.

Adam Smith is a blogger and writes regularly for online gambling blogs on online casino tips and online poker strategies.